Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be just for couples anymore! Thinking of inviting some friends over for a fun Valentine's Day celebration this year and avoiding the crowds, dinner reservations and rushed service? Host your very own Valentine's Couples dinner and start a new tradition. Linens can be rented from BBJ Linens, a nationally owned company that ships directly to your home! Check out their incredible selections online and you can select your size, colors, and fabrics. With your new rented romantic linens, elegant napkins and a centerpiece from your favorite gourmet food store--your evening is off to a great start. Considering sending invitations from an online source, such as evite.com and you are ready to start planning the menu. Your invited guests can bring their favorite romantic dinner dish, or you can contact your local caterer to have a catered celebration.

Our recommendations for a great table include Plum Dahlia with band linen over a true Red Lamour linen--and there are many other options to add sparkle, shine or romance to your evening.

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